CJ’s Secret Mission

To help you complete your mission you will need:

  • Buckets for the stream
  • Containers to transport water over
  • Bottles
  • Hoops
  • Obstacles

Action plan:

Explorers have been dropped in the Hymalayan region of Jammu. In ordeer to survive, their first mission will be to find a clean water source and transfer it safely into water containers.

  1. To survive the teams are in desperate need of water. Their searching has uncovered a freshwater supply (water in bucket representing the stream).
  2. Using filtration equipment (guttering or pans/containers) the team must transfer the water from the stream, across the Himalayan terrain into water bottles.

Water is in short supply and as little as possible can be lost when transferring from the stream to the team’s water bottles!

Remember every drop counts
Remember to measure how much water you transported at the end.
Make it harder by adding a shorter time limit!


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