CJ’s Secret Mission

To help you complete your mission you will need:

  • Cushions and couches for a solid structure
  • Blankets are super for useful roofs
  • Pegs
  • Chairs
  • Use the washing line or any rope you can hang materials off

Action plan:
The spies have successfully escaped from the prisoner-of-war camp however they are now stranded in rural France and winter has set in. In order to survive the night with temperatures due to drop below freezing, spies must build adequate shelter and use the materials on offer to provide warmth to all team members.

Night is closing in and all team members must be safely inside their shelter before darkness. Construst your shelter before darkness falls!

  1. Parents or carers, scatter some materials for the spies to use, If doing outdoors, utilise washing lines, sheets, chairs, furniture and pegs. If doing indoors, utilise blankets, cushions, pegs, washing line props.
  2. Spies must use the materials on offer to construct a safe and weatherproof shelter (only attempt weatherproof outside) to keep team members warm and dry during the night.

If attempting this mission outdoors, can you make it waterproof?

Be creative with your shelters, make sure they are warm and big enough for your supplies

Make it harder by adding a shorter time!


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