Ethos and Values

Westbury staff are unwavering in their belief that all children deserve a second chance and with the right resource, leadership and support, they are well placed and ready for the next phase of improvement. Pupils achieve well above expectations in special school settings, often due to the outstanding experience during the primary stage, which is built on as they progress through school.

The children that attend Westbury Academy experience barriers and challenges to learning, often associated with social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) difficulties. However, the academy aims to embrace and support all these challenges our children and families face together, celebrating differences and providing educational experiences that will last a lifetime. The Westbury Academy offers a rich curriculum, which builds on the knowledge, understanding, and skills of all pupils, one that celebrates the individual and focuses on the whole educational journey.

Westbury Academy is a proud member of the Raleigh Learning Trust and shares the same determination, vision, and values in delivering education of the highest quality to all our children. As an organisation, we value all our families and local communities and believe in the importance of working in partnership with all stakeholders and services (Stronger Together).

We believe in lifelong learning and therefore recognise the importance of developing our staff through quality professional development and the power of networks. Working in collaboration, sharing best practices, and supporting one another will ensure we can all achieve our aims and ultimately provide the best for our children and their families.

What we stand for

A value-based learning experience: the development of confidence, challenge, curiosity, character and creativity influence all that is planned for teaching and learning through each school curriculum.

We are ambitious and aspirational for all our pupils. Pedagogies are evidence-based, supporting high-level learning and engagement. Deep and powerful understanding is formed through the use of memory and recall. Children are challenged by personalised and project-based learning. That is relevant, encourages opportunities for collaboration, and develops skills that are useful beyond the world of school.

We are achieving this through a collegiate ethos of which wholeheartedly places children at the centre. Inclusion and social justice are at the heart of all we do as a Trust. Our work to strengthen care and respect for each other’s diversity is enhanced through the development of strategic alliances with many system leaders including Autism Education Trust, Violence Reduction Unit, Trauma-Informed Schools UK, Alternative Provision Providers, Nottingham City Council, Recognised Trade Unions, National Literacy Trust, University of Nottingham, Trent University, and Teacher Development Trust.

We do not allow disadvantage or disability to be a barrier to learning through our combined energy and determination, and we support our pupils to be the very best.

Our mission and vision are central to our work and the driving force behind all that we do. Our universal values guide these aims. By embedding these in each school curriculum, children will make a positive and significant impact in early adulthood as a result of their learning in school.

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