Reflection of the Week – 17-09-2021

Mr Morgan had a very positive walk round the school this morning. It felt very calm and felt like ‘our’ school. Some excellent display work emerging.

Pupils have engaged in interesting conversations and asking very mature questions and Year 9 engagement on War & Peace has been positive with pupils showed great maturity around the subject of terrorism.

Reflection of the Week – 10-09-2021

 Mr Kelly, our trust CEO, visited this week and commented on the positive atmosphere around the site.

Thanks to all the staff for supporting our pupils settling back in. There have been lots of positive experiences this week. Staff have worked calmly and effectively.

Preparation phase have had a successful week -pupils have adapted to new staff well and it ended with a great trip out to Rushcliffe park.

Reflection Of The Week – 23-07-2021

Year 7 visited Twycross which was great and pupils have been praised for behaving responsibly and were complemented on their behaviour by the public.

Primary had a busy and productive week with sports day, a water fight and cinema trip. Mr Kelly, our CEO commented on the writing of Mr Casey’s class today-impressed with the work.

Sports Day was well planned and executed. Mr Morgan has asked Mr Drew to start thinking about a Winter games.

Our CEO, Mr Kelly visited twice this week. he really enjoyed seeing the pupils engaged in their learning and witnessed the water fight!

Last week’s art exhibition and house art competition was a success with great plans for next year…

Remember-all difficult roads lead to beautiful places!

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