Westbury School was inspected by Ofsted and graded as Good in November 2013.

It was approved by the Secretary of State for Education to become an academy school in April 2017

Ofsted information about Westbury Academy can be accessed here:

Westbury Academy

Westbury School was inspected in 2013, the full report can be accessed here:

Full report

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is a good school.

  • Pupils make good progress and almost all of them gain vocational and GCSE qualifications, including English and mathematics, by the end of Year 11. As a result the large majority go into further education, training and employment when they leave school.
  • The school helps pupils to improve their behaviour significantly and this is good overall. Many of the students, especially the older ones, display outstanding attitudes to work.
  • Attendance has improved considerably and is no longer the concern it was in the previous inspection. This is due mainly to the guidance and support provided by the school’s attendance officer to pupils and their families.
  • Teaching is good, largely because it makes the pupils enthusiastic to learn. Some lessons are outstanding in this respect.
  • Well-trained teaching assistants provide good support for pupils during lessons, which helps them to stay on task, understand their work and make good progress.
  • The curriculum is extremely effective because it is so well tuned to pupils’ interests and aspirations. It helps them to make rapid progress in developing skills and attitudes that are important for their future lives.
  • The executive headteacher has the highest expectations for the quality of education and pupils’ outcomes. He provides a tremendous drive and clear guidance to ensure they are achieved. Most staff fully support him in this endeavour.
  • The Governing Body is well informed about the school’s performance and provides the necessary support and challenge to ensure pupils’ outcomes are as good as they can be.

It is not yet an outstanding school because:

  • Teaching is not yet outstanding because it sometimes lacks the pace, interest and independent activity to keep all pupils enthusiastically engaged in learning.
  • Recently appointed leaders do not contribute sufficiently to monitoring teaching and pupils’ outcomes across the school and ensuring improvements are made where required.

Information about this inspection

  • The inspector carried out 11 lesson observations. In eight of these he was accompanied by the executive headteacher or the head of school.
  • During lesson observations, the inspector talked to pupils about their work, heard them reading and looked at their exercise books.
  • The inspector held discussions with the executive headteacher, the head of school, the deputy headteacher, three subject leaders, the school’s attendance officer, two teaching assistants, the Chair, Vice-Chair and two members of the Governing Body, two parents and carers, the Local Authority’s Head of Service for Inclusion and Disability and a group of six pupils.
  • The inspector read management documents relating to school evaluation, pupils’ progress, the monitoring of teaching, improvement planning, pupils’ behaviour, attendance and safeguarding.
  • The inspector took account of 23 inspection questionnaires returned by staff. Only two parents and carers responded to the online survey, ParentView, which is not sufficient to enable the results to be presented on the Ofsted website.

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