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Westbury Academy is an academy in the Raleigh Learning Trust providing education for pupils who experience social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

Pupils at Westbury academy are admitted to the school following completion of an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) which has replaced the Statementing Process, and with agreement that placement at the academy is appropriate for their needs. Pupils currently with a statement of special educational needs will be transferred to an EHCP following the local authority’s transition timetable. Places at Westbury are at a premium within this and other authorities and there is often a waiting list for pupils requiring full-time education.

The academy is designated as a mixed academy but currently only has boys on roll. Pupils are aged between 7 and 16 with a total of 68 boys at present.  Following a consultation process, the size and capacity of Westbury Academy is set to increase to 120 places. £4.75 million pounds of building work has been approved and work on site began during the Easter holiday 2017 to create new buildings and expand provision on the Westbury Academy site.  As part of the expansion, we will be establishing Key Stage 1 provision at Westbury Academy. In total, Westbury will be opening another 5 classes, in addition to the current 10 classes.

Pupils experience the full range of the National Curriculum at key stage 2, 3 and 4. The academy has developed a strong ethos around the achievement agenda, and over the last three years, has demonstrated year on year improvements at the end of Key Stage 2 and 3 assessments and considerable success at GCSE.

The academy continues in its role as  a National Support School and the Executive Headteacher(Chief Executive Officer) is a National Leader of Education designated by the National College for Teaching and Leadership. The academy is a member of the Raleigh Learning Trust and a partner in the Transform Teaching School Alliance.

There has been significant investment in the school financially over the last few years. Curriculum resources are of a high quality and support the extensive curriculum development that has taken place during this period. The buildings are of a high standard, well maintained and provide an outstanding learning environment. The school provides each pupil with an individual laptop to use in lessons, and has recently completed the development of a CAD suite within the school, which we believe will further enhance the curriculum and learning opportunities for all our young people.

There are well-equipped Food Technology, Science and Design Technology rooms and Vocational Education workshops supporting both vehicle technology and construction. Provision for vocational learning is judged to be outstanding. The academy has a full-sized Sport Hall on site and a small, newly refurbished, well-equipped fitness suite. This level of investment clearly demonstrates the school’s commitment to its ongoing development.

Further information about Westbury Academy can be found on the Department for Education website.

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