Reward Systems

To encourage pupils to develop an awareness of their own behaviour and its effects on others and to help them develop mature and thoughtful self-control, we use a variety of strategies based on the following beliefs:

  • Appropriate and supportive behaviour should always be acknowledged, valued and rewarded.
  • Young people’s self-esteem should be enhanced.
  • Inappropriate behaviour will be challenged.

The principle strategy that we use to value and regard appropriate and supportive behaviour is our Behaviour Management system. This is used to provide structure to the pupils’ day and enable them and staff to monitor behaviour, work ethic and attitude. The underlying principles of this system which apply to all Keystages are:

  • Pupils are given feedback on their behaviour, work ethic and attitude at the end of each lesson.
  • Pupils work towards both short term and long term rewards.
  • Pupils start with no points and earn points throughout the lesson for positive and appropriate behaviour.

Each Keystage has a system tailored to their needs. Points totalled during each day go towards providing either Golden Time on Friday Afternoon, an enrichment lesson at the end of the day, or ‘Privileges’ the next day. Points collected during the term can be used for trips arranged as rewards often taken at the end of term. These rewards in the past have included such things as:

  • Go-kart racing
  • Ice skating
  • Trips to Theme Parks
  • The cinema
  • Watermeadows

The school regularly uses informal rewards to acknowledge the value of appropriate positive behaviour and these include:

  • Verbal praise from staff
  • Certificates
  • Praise letters sent home to parents and carers
  • Phone calls to parents and carers
  • Specific individual praise from the staff in assemblies
  • Informal rewards – additional bonus points
  • Recognition of achievements through displays.

Pupils can also earn ‘Smiley Faces’ (KS2), Merits (KS3) or ‘Prefect Points’ (KS4) these are awarded in assemblies and can be saved up to ‘buy’ Westbury Merit Award gifts. These gifts range from engraved pens to Memory sticks to stress balls all showing the ‘Westbury Merit Award’ logo. At the end of term all these awards will be entered into a Prize Draw for vouchers or experiences.


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