Reflections Of The Week – 14-05-2021

This week has been a very busy week in science. On Monday we had Dr Sarah Bearchell (scientific writer) conducting a zoom lesson with the Year 7s. We did myth busting with her.. did you know – eating dairy before bed DOES NOT give you nightmares?!

Year 10  completed the combustion practical – the positive side – we didn’t set the fire alarms off at all this term with combustion!

Year 11 -started a new topic on rates of reaction. Here they used their observation skills to identify which reactions went the fastest. They learned that it’s very difficult to use observation alone to compare the rates of reaction, and that they would need to gather data to plot a graph of mass or volume of product formed against time (see pictures attached)

Secondary Character Education had some fantastic use of the COJO box along corridors just showing what can be done with the equipment to make it fun and exciting for pupils.

Year 7 visited Rushcliffe Country Park and pupils acted as role models to others in our local community. One parent commented on how polite our pupils were as they helped a parent’s child get onto the swings and slides.

KS2 had a good week overall for pupils and staff. They have been studying Tim Peake (astronaut) with the pupils-another fun afternoon.

The Y5/6 maths group have been working really well and collectively they were all able to recall the 10 questions as part of ‘show what you know’. They are making solid progress for their ability level.

Year 11 have been getting on with their final pieces in GCSE Art including the construction of a fantastic stormtrooper helmet and producing high-quality written work to support their portfolios.

The first Westbury Academy Summer Art Exhibition will be going ahead later in this term and the Academy is taking part in the Bilborough Arts Festival.