Reflections Of The Week 26-03-2021

Whilst the month of March has been challenging at times, here are a few highlights that have been shared this week:

Key Stage 4 welcomed back some more pupils and shared some great examples of Creativity and Challenge in the form of papier-mâché planets for science.

Key Stage 3 spoke about a fantastic end to the week in character education displaying great examples of Character and Creativity, recalling information about Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the Wright Brothers, Mars landings and making and flying planes – linking their work to their world record theme. Several pupils spent the afternoon geocaching and despite having to walk further than expected, embraced the Challenge for a successful afternoon. Year 7 shared their Curiosity in action with fruit art.

Curiosity with Year 7 fruit art

Key Stage 2 had a visit to the school library this week and the wonderful storytelling was a pleasure to hear!

See photos of our 5 C’s In Action here.