Reflections Of The Week – 30-04-2021

Our behaviour therapist reported that pupils are engaging well with the behaviour therapy programme and the positive impact this is having on them.

Year 8 have an enjoyable afternoon visit to Wollaton Park. Pupils enjoyed the fresh air which has given a boost to their well-being.

Year 11’s have been entertained with practical lessons on combustion and fractional distillation in science. They have worked well this week showing determination and enthusiasm.

Year 7 have have shown determination reading and studying Shakespeare this week.

Key Stage 4 pupils have worked well on their Duke of Edinburgh programme and one year 10 music pupil showed his curiosity side today and played his guitar for a number of staff. Well done.

Year 9 pupils all really enjoyed their trip out climbing. It is really nice that pupils have reflected on such a  positive experience which tested their character.