diggerland pano

As a reward, and using the sponsorship some of the teams had received, we all went on a trip to Diggerland in Yorkshire.

diggerland ducks

There were loads of different things to go on and drive. Callum was very at home in the massive digger and 4×4 (as well as the tiny tractors).

Diggerland Cal

We went on rides, raced each other and played games. It was a brilliant end to this year’s project.

diggerland Dyllan

TV Stars

This year local television channel Notts TV asked if they could feature our success on their news programme.


Mr Wells, Becky and Luca were all interviewed for the show and Luca took on the presenter in a race. Unfortunately their programmes aren’t broadcast online so we don’t have a copy to put here but we got in to take a couple of pictures whilst they were setting up!


Press Release


World Championships June 2014 

“Young engineers race to success”

Once again pupils from the Westbury School in Bilborough have been successful at the annual Scalextric4Schools World Championships held at RAF Cosford at Wolverhampton on Sunday, 22nd June 2014.

Pupils from key stages 3 and 4 have been working on the project for nearly 6 months and produced a number of cars for the competition which were subject to technical scrutiny from the principal designer from Hornby UK.  The pupils won in two categories at the competition, Best Design of a Car and Best Technical Presentation.

Staff and pupils at the school are delighted with the outcome which is the result of a huge effort over a period of time and the outcomes achieved have been quite remarkable.  This is the second year that the school has entered this competition and the second year where it has been consistently successful.

Rebecca Ramage (Co-ordinator of the project) led the teams in their efforts at the competition and said “We are incredibly proud of all of our pupils who have taken part in this competition and we are delighted that once again teams have been successful in two of the most important categories of the competition.  Everybody who has taken part has gained from the experience, learning very difficult technical skills and applying them to the construction of working models.  We think that this has been a remarkable achievement and will be a huge plus for the pupils’ self-esteem and potential career in the future”.





Next Year…

This year turned out to have quite a different feel to last year’s finals. There were not as many teams taking part as as a result of this there didn’t seem to be as much competition between teams. This was good in one respect as it meant teams helping to marshal for each other and offering advice, but it also meant that we didn’t have the same drive to better our times.

We focused well on our presentations this year and it paid off. Next year we will look at altering the way we make the cars. Having tried a couple of different ways with a wooden chassis and the Cam Car, we have thought about all the ways we could improve the system we have developed so we can take on the racing challenges.

It’s always amazing to see pupils from Westbury achieve alongside pupils from mainstream schools. It shows all the pupils in school that it doesn’t matter what your background is or whether you’ve struggled with school in the past; it is possible to succeed if you put the time and effort in, and our Scalextric4Schools teams are proof.

All the teams would like to thank everyone for their support this year and look forward to showing you all what we can achieve next year – bring on 2015!

event collage

Winners Again!

So what about Westbury?

Last year we were successful in the presentation category and Morgan won a special prize for continued effort. We were overjoyed when for the second year running Westbury School was announced the winner of the  prize for best Presentation. Congratulations to Callum with the Bubble Buggy and his help from Dajaun and Jerome.

Callum Win


We were even more happy when our school was announced again as Still Fast, Still Furiouswon the prize for Best Designed Car. Luca has put in so much, independent effort in both 2013 and the 2014 competition and he really deserved to win.

Luca win

Both Callum and Luca won Scalextric sets and it seemed appropriate that Still Fast Still Furious got a ‘Fast and Furious’ set! All the pupils who participated in the competition received a Scalextric car to race.




Presentations and Awards

After the judges had deliberated over the results, the final speeches were given and awards announced.


The organisers are very proud of the fact that an event like Scalextric 4 Schools encourages pupils to apply their knowledge and work in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. We are particularly proud of the way our pupils take part in the competition at Westbury as a high number of our pupils go on to have opportunities in this area. It is also great to see our pupils competing on the same level as pupils from mainstream and private schools.

Congratulations to the other teams for their success in the racing categories and especially to the team from George Watson’s College for their overall win.

Team2 Team1win


Cam Car

Once everyone had raced their cars on both tracks and given their presentations, there was plenty of time for second attempts and non-competition racing on the track. This was the perfect time to really give our new car a go. The Cam Car.

H cam

Last year, Howard brought the camera he uses when he’s cycling and he attached it to a chassis to get  a car’s eye view of the track. Although he didn’t know it, Becky had made him a special car to hold the camera for this year’s competition. Although it wasn’t part of the challenge, it was built to the biggest dimensions allowed by the competition so we knew it would fit on the track and through tunnels. We chose a camper van style car and built in a recess for the camera. Becky also used the Cam Car to experiment with printing in multiple colours.

It was a last minute print so had never been on a track and Howard spend spare moments getting it running. There were a few problems with keeping the camera inside the car, but we managed to get some footage and as it turned out, it was the best car we had racing on the day. Something we will bare in mind for next year when we’re designing all our entries.

The Museum

The pupils had various opportunities to have a look around RAF Museum Cosford during the day. Most of them enjoyed a wander around the Cold War exhibition, looking at the planes, missiles and helicopters. There are lots of interactive elements in the museum as you wind your way through the aircraft.


The WWII Dornier 17 aircraft had arrived at the museum the week of the 2013 competition and Morgan particularly had been very excited to see it. Fresh from over 70 years in the sea, it was particularly smelly and not very nice to be around. When we went back to visit it again, the smell had gone and there were several information boards and screens in place. Much better for the nose!



As proud winners of the 2013 Best Presentation award, Westbury wanted to do it again and this year we came armed with everything you could possibly need to give an excellent presentation.

Luca went to town with PowerPoint – animating every feature he could in order to attract the attention of the judges. Morgan presented for Purple Dragon which was not in the form of a slideshow, but as a display that detailed each step of the development process. Mr Geldard had painted a beautiful dragon for the top of the display and unknown to the judges, Mr Wells was in position behind the dragon with a blowtorch, ready to produce the grand finale of fire from the dragon’s mouth. The fire alarms didn’t go off so we are presuming it all went to plan.

Dyllan had been a bit nervous about giving his presentation but he came back with a big smile on his face and had been able to answer all the questions the judges threw at him. Callum had also been a bit wary of talking in front of the panel, so Dajaun and Jerome helped him by producing a rap to be played alongside his slideshow (words below video).  The lyrics work through each step of the car’s journey and Callum blew bubbles (as practiced earlier) to add to the atmosphere. After the presentation Callum answered questions confidently.


Westbury School ain’t for the faint hearted
Too cool for Mainstream so we all departed
I’m Jerome and my mate Callum
We’re not the guys from ‘Bad Education’
But you should see Callum without his medication!!

He has worked so hard to produce the Bubble Buggy
Giving up breaks and staying late
Yes you heard me, giving up breaks and staying late
Just so we could come and compete
You other teams – YOU’RE GOING TO GET BEAT!

When I design cars, I draw with my own skills
I just want to ask – are you going to drive?
Or are you going to turn out fake and let me down?
Or are you going to turn out fake and let me down?

Our first print out was without a top
Had room inside for a Lego Man cop
Second Car was better by far but printed red
“That’s not right for a bubble buggy” Callum said.
“It needs to be blue and a bit see-through”.

Working on the chassis was super cool
I got to print with the 3D tool
Callum got burnt when using solder
But I didn’t ‘cos I’m a little bit older
I’ve been having thoughts about getting the flow
Had to make my car nice and low
But now I’m trying to get my car to take to the air
Floating like a bubble
Floating like a bubble
Floating like a bubble

It gets me real mad when it won’t go fast
When it’s driving smoothly it’s a real blast
I’m driving like crazy – like aiming for the top
I’m driving like crazy – like aiming for the top

You say you’re a star and you say you’re going to beat me
But when it comes to racing you know it’s not easy
You say you’re a star and you say you’re going to beat me
But when it comes to racing you know it’s not easy

Bloohound SSC

The Bloodhound SSC event is all about breaking the land speed record. No one is expecting a scalextric car to actually break the sound barrier, but scale is taken into account and the challenge is to get your car to go as fast as possible.

This year our main focus was on the F3 racing and we had built our cars with this in mind. As there are fewer restrictions on the cars entered into the Bloodhound SSC all our cars were able to enter and give it a go.

Bssc all


Luca had given it the most thought and planned to change the motor in his car to a more powerful one. Unfortunately the more powerful motor wasn’t aligned correctly and the car broke so he didn’t get to see how fast and furious, Still Fast Still Furious could be. Next year we will put more planning into how we can deliver a faster car on the Bloodhound track.

…and because there wasn’t much F3 video of it, the Bubble Buggy!