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Star Poet!

In English lessons, Gabriel in Year 8 had to turn a piece of prose from the WWII story ‘Rose Blanche’ by Roberto Innocenti into a poem.

He used the ending of the story to be the format of his poem. Gabriel has used his own thoughts and cleverly turned this piece of prose into a poem.


Robins sung as the cold retreated.

Grass of lush green advanced with a gentle note of cinnamon in the air.

Roses bloomed and cherry blossom flowers, swayed back and forth.

The colour of life splattered across the crimson field.

Trees burst into colour and animals filled the world with life.

Birds in their nests tweeted a tune and their message was heard.

Spring had triumphed!


Rememberance Day 2015

rememberanceOn Wednesday 11 November 2015 pupils from our Key Stage 2 represented our school in the Market Square to observe 2 minutes silence alongside members of the public and officials representing our city community.

The presence of the boys was hugely appreciated by many people in attendance and some took the time to speak to staff and the boys after the event. The behaviour of the boys was exemplary as was the respect for the event that they showed through their conduct on the day.P1010030

Mr Dyson saw the boys in assembly before they left for the event and their understanding and empathy conveyed during discussion was remarkable.

Key Stage 2 also had a visit from members of The Royal British Legion who gave a presentation about why we have Poppy day.

Well done to all the boys and their staff. Parents,carers,Governors and the school have every reason to be proud of our young people.


Exam Success!

Another year has passed and the old Year 11’s have moved on. All of the pupils have gone on to either College or an apprenticeship with a potentially successful future ahead of them.

art 15

This year we had our first GCSE A* which was in Art. A superb outcome for the pupil and the staff’s supportive efforts.

Ronan Wall

Also we had a pupil that we entered a year early for Foundation GCSE Maths and he achieved full marks in all 3 papers giving him a grade C in Maths already! Fantastic.

Parents’ Open Afternoon

At Westbury School we have a lot of contact with parents and carers throughout the year and towards the end of the summer term we invited them2015-07-20 12.58 to come into school to speak to current class teachers and meet the staff their children would be with next year.

Lots of parents an2015-07-20 13.10.41d carers came in and had a look through their child’s work, There were refreshments in the hall and some helpful reminders about the sorts of foods pupils should be bringing in their packed lunches.

Miss Wilkins collated information about the various support network2015-07-20 13.11.13 available to children and families in Nottingham. This included information about health, counselling, self harm a
nd online safety, and attendance issues. Please contact the school if you would like any more information about these issues.

We also had an external provider to showcase the assisted technology available to Nottingham City children. Some of the items had a small charge and they included things such as calendars, timers, and things to help children and young adults to gain independence. 2015-07-20 12.58.04School can provide more information and contact details if you are interested and want to find out more.

This is the first time we have held an afternoon like this and it proved very successful with both staff and parents. We have already planned a similar event for next year.