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scalextric 4schools at Westbury

Scalextric 4 Schools

Westbury School is taking part in the Scalextric 4 Schools competition for the first time. This is a national event that sees schools compete to design and race Scalextric cars.

The competition will be held on Sunday 16th June at the RAF Museum Cosford where our teams and several staff will spend the day making our mark on the world of Scalextric!

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Our journey is being documented on our Scalextric blog where you can read about the competition, how we have designed our cars and read supportive messages that have been sent from people who work in professional racing.

Please have a read of the blog and leave some comments for the teams. They have found these really encouraging so far and with less than a week until the competition, the extra support will be greatly received.

It’s easy to leave a comment, you don’t need to log in, just put in your name, an email address and your comment in the boxes below the posts.