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We Are Writers

Huge congratulations to all the pupils at Westbury who are now published authors!

As part of our Westbury Book Festival back in the Spring term, all our pupils submitted stories, poems and other pieces of writing to be published in our very own book.

Box of books

Mrs Ramage ran a whole-school assembly to introduce the book and Key Stage Leaders read out their favourite stories before giving out the books.Every pupil should now have received a copy of the book to keep.

We gave parents and carers the opportunity to purchase extra copies of the book and we have a few copies left, so if you are interested in having another one, having seen what it looks like, please contact the school office.

Well done to everyone involved.

Sport Relief Mile of Writing

Every group in school has taken on the challenge to complete as many miles in as many different ways as they can for Sport Relief.


We decided that this didn’t need to be sporty and we would try to write a mile-long story! Mrs Ramage worked out that if we stretched each letter out flat we would need about 5000 letters to reach a mile; so we set out on our massive game of consequences! Everyone took part from Year 3 to Year 11, teachers, TAs, office staff and kitchen staff.


We have 104 entries, 1619 words and 6856 characters (8373 if we include the spaces). Our story stretches around the whole school hall!

So here’s our story, with a bit of punctuation and tense tweaking, we hope you enjoy it.

Consequences of Westbury School


A girl called Princess Chicken hid under some spiky leaves.

It whispered quietly in her ear “The time has come. You must act now!”

She screamed out in desperation for help. She felt scared as the hooded figure stomped towards her. She could smell the disgusting treacherous slime. She hid behind her pillow so the monsters could not see her. She thought she could hear a shadow behind her she thought it was her sister but it was a ghost. Oh.

A man named Goku walked down the big street and he was racing against time. Running down the street, CRASH BASH! The car skidded to a stop and two men jumped out, one dressed as Dracula and the other as a fairy. Suddenly he knew how they had got there; the flying saucer had returned them to a different time zone. He knocked on the door. The door opened however there was a head looking at him. She saw Taylor and she had a heart attack.

They examined his butt and found out it was a massive poo blockage with tons of sweet corn. It felt as if a thousand eyes were staring at them, he couldn’t perform the play, he had stage fright. Tears ran down his face when he saw the wall of China. In the envelope was a letter she wished she had never read. Quickly she stormed into the lounge. She was too late. He was already dead.

The blue police box echoed to the sound of the phone ringing inside and the rotating blue light above cast an eerie light across the surrounding houses. In the sunshine they played happily together at the park. She said he got ran over because he wasn’t looking.

Three weeks later Yanis became the world’s best football player, table football player. They met behind a barn discretely. Inside the parcel was a brand new football kit. She scored 24 goals when she played for Jamaica, she scored a hat trick. She ran towards the cat who was sat on a mat that was fat. Finally she took off her bacon dress because the dogs were chasing her. It fell over the cat then tripped over the dog. It got angry and battered the rat.

During the holiday they slid down the mountain on their bums in a huge storm. They shouted for help and nobody heard them for hours and days until help came and they got food and water. They hid behind an old abandoned boat in the country that must have sunk there one day. They ate brandy butter sandwiches and goldfish soup for lunch.

He tweeted “I’m bored”.

He climbed up a tree in a forest on a sunny hot day; sweat was dripping off his head. He saw the sea shell on the sea shore! He crossed the lake treading carefully so he wouldn’t drown. Last night he saw a ghost creep up behind him. Superman flew above his head, he was worried, he was shaking, he didn’t know what to do. He was in the dark and it was spooky. Over the hill he ran and slipped in a pile of dog poo.

The party was great until a fight broke out and Mr Wells and Mr Martin had to restrain them and calm the fight down. Then Mr Wells suspected someone there was a thief. A rabbit called Gerald drank a lot of Kestrel and dropped dead. The police arrived at the party and played their greatest hit “Put your hands where we can see them”. Celebrations were cut short by the discovery of poo on the field that John fell into. They giggled for about three seconds before they realised the seriousness of the situation; they were about to die…

She glimpsed at the clock. Time was going backwards. “Hang on!” she thought. “It is going backwards” as the hands turned left. The police arrived and then left. Then they arrived again and left. Realising their mistake they came back but they couldn’t remember what they came back for so they left again. Upon leaving one of them realised they had left their hats there so they went back. Meanwhile the whole town had been burgled.

Behind the door came a loud crash! She opened it cautiously. Inside the parcel there was a nasty nuclear bomb. The large box on her door step rattled and shook until, BOOM! The bomb blew off her bra and she saw Derek looking at her. He’d knocked on the doctor’s door, hoping desperately for a cure for his chronic wind. The large nuclear device was detonated with triggered a global thermonuclear exchange which left the majority of the Earth uninhabitable with the exception of the Isle of Man which continued to be a thriving holiday destination.

The blue police box landed on Metebelis 3 and out popped the Time Lord known only as Geldard. He crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. Amazingly it wasn’t the aroma that caught his attention, but it was the captivating appearance that stole his heart. Jonny had never seen a burger that big before…

Creeping over the wall was a colossal meat eating monster it scared the life out of him so he legged it. It hissed at the tiger and the tiger ate it. Slowly he began to disintegrate, as David Dickinson looked on with a smug grin.

A dog called to his sister to come out of the big, scary, dark, evil forest. At that very second the clock struck twelve o’clock and forest started to fill with dark mist “woof woof” his sister called and ran out of the forest. She was playing drop the rock in a very dark cave. A boy called Dave ran hurriedly into the cave as the foreboding storm approached. He saw his Olympic hero. In the envelope there was a (mysterious) key for her chest. Behind the door was a zombie and two more zombies but one door could not hold them. Slowly he crept through the forest and he saw a zombie. However, there was a ghost. They decided to shoot the cow who spoke French. They hated French – not knowing about the ghost. Fortunately it didn’t make a jot of difference to the way it was supposed to be.

Creeping over a tin of corned beef he fell onto an OXO cube but from the top of it he could see where the rest of The Borrowers had fallen to their death. He climbed into bed and that’s when he saw it. A boy called Peter Pickle smelt of onions. Amazingly it wasn’t infectious like the doctor had said. They decided to go buy a pair of shoes together. Last night he dreamt that somebody loved him. No hope, no harm, just another false alarm.

The party was boring so she dreamt she was a machine thirty years in the future. She hovered a bit and was occasionally sick, vomiting nuts, bolts and metal sultanas.  A woman named Marigold Ophelia made jam every Thursday with wasps and butter. It was midnight and she really didn’t know whether to get up and make a cheese toastie or shave off her facial hair.  She glimpsed and saw a hairy man in her bath singing on You Tube ‘I’m sexy and I know it baby oooo yes’.

He yelled, “Get out of your bathroom now!”

The picture on the wall just winked at her! She was sure of it! The picture on the wall is very impressive. It just missed out on winning the Nobel Prize for physics. This was a shame as it had worked really hard – even at weekends. She ran towards the lion with no fear at all. She bumped into a car made from red strawberry jelly. Opening the door would be virtually impossible. She would have to wait until the car filled with water before she had any chance.

Celebrations were cut short by the cake exploding!

She was playing the violin when the string snapped and hit her in her only good eye. She was blind. Tears ran down to the off licence and came back with a Warburton’s loaf (toastie) and a litre bottle of semi-skimmed. They brought two pints of lager and a packet of cheese crisps to share between the twelve people at the table. A man named John was left alone in the room unable to move. Something was holding his feet to the chair. In the distance she could see Mr Lane and My Dyson building a life size statue of Prince Charles out of walnuts, pritt stick, a pool table and a spam fritter. They needed just two more to win!

They met Vin Diesel on the Moon. It took ages to get home. They hid the locked box at the bottom of the hole and prayed that it would never be found. Later that day a boy ran away, lost his phone and couldn’t go home. In the distance they saw a massive bear wearing a raincoat with a baguette in his hand. They examined his eyeball to find ants crawling inside a woman named Chewbacca because she was so hairy. She was excited when she got a refund at Aldi for the out of date tin of corned beef. It couldn’t be Cheryl Cole walking in a hole, trying to score a goal – she was excited when I asked her to get out of my bed. She hid behind the tearful monster that had a big sloppy nose made out of slime and it saw her. Later that day, she moved the decimal point thus finding a cure for gout.

Finally she took the first place position.