Trip To National Justice Museum

Report by Class 8B

On Thursday 30th November we went to the National Justice Museum in Nottingham. We left at 9.30am and everyone was on time. Mr Wells drove class 8B to the museum and dropped us of at a coffee shop . We had to walk a long time – about 30 seconds – and finally we got there.

The museum used to be called the Galleries of Justice and is a museum about the law and justice system in olden times. There are areas like prison cells, holding cells, a police station, dungeons and two massive courtrooms.

When we went in the big building, a lady led us around. First we went to an old police station from 1938 . There were old police weapons like a bat and shield and hats. We went down to the dungeon. It was a bit scary down there and we had to be careful for the ghost. We went down to the exercise yard where they hanged people as well.

There are activities like branding stamps, history games and the famous courtrooms where we did a play. They also have people who walk up to you and act like they are executioners, prisoners and peasants.

We would recommend the museum for age 6 years and over as it can be scary for young children. Our favourite bits were the police cells and the courtroom.