Year 10 iStudy Resources

Year 10 and 11 - Week commencing 02-11-2020

SubjectLinkAdditional comments
English - Year 10Jekyll and Hyde
Lesson 1
Context of the Novella
Lesson 2
Story of the door part1
Lesson 3
Story of the door part2
Lesson 4
Dr Jekyll was quite at ease
Oak National Academy
English - Year 11Macbeth
Lesson 1
Historical Context: James I, Witchcraft and Regicide
Lesson 2
The Witches
Lesson 3
Shakespeare tragedy and the tragic hero
Lesson 4
The Witches and the tragic Hero
MathsYear 10 maths October-December(.pdf)Your teacher will let you know which topic to study.
Year 11 PhysicsLesson 1&2: Particle model Lesson 3&4: Density of solidsOak National Academy
Year 10 and 11 ChemistryIonic bonding introduction / further ionic bonding
Water safe to drink, waste water treatment
Oak National Academy
BTEC SportYear 10 and 11 BTEC Sport (.pdf)Downloads MS Word document.
Core PEPhysical ME

Joe Wicks PE Lessons

Social and Emotional ME

Cognitive ME
ArtPeopleThe government recognises that GCSE art pupils can't access specialist equipment at home, so each of the lessons below will develop basic art skills. They can be viewed online and completed in sketchbooks or on paper, using pencil.

Week commencing 09-11-2020

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